The Karate Training Notebook


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The Karate Training Notebook

  • Are you loving your karate journey but want to get more focused?
  • Do you like to keep notes but you’d like to keep them better organised?
  • Do you want to set goals for your training?
  • Do you want to bring your fitness and karate training together?

If that’s a HELL YES then Go Ahead and

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Why use a notebook at all?

If you want your karate journey to change your world (and maybe the whole world) then keeping a log and goal setting are a positive tool to help your progress. And you want to make your goals into reality this year, so writing them down and charting your progress is a great place to start.

Notetaking is a an excellent tool to help you :

  • Improve focus and attention to detail
  • Improve your organisation of training
  • Improve your memory and retain knowledge

The Karate training Notebook is designed to help you:

❖  Set short term and long term goals
❖  Log essential knowledge from training
❖  Memorise great drills
❖  Keep notes at seminars
❖  Focus on fitness to improve your results
❖  Keep a log of all your improvements
❖  See your progress over the months
❖  Get Creative

This notebook is beautifully illustrated by Greg Lynham with 10 pictures through the book. Each training page has a section for Kata, Kumite and Kihon, a space to note your improvements and positives and additional notes.

There are frequent blank pages to make any additional notes or logs that you want. It has a designated space for setting goals, both for karate and fitness.
There’s a section at the end to log your fitness sessions too! 

And how much is this amazing book? For now it is the fantastic price  of £11.99! Available on amazon or clicking the BUY HERE LINK below.


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